Fans of Christmas and Santa should not have to pay for Santa online.

Neither should they be exposed to advertising or product sales associated with Santa’s good name.

Santa should just be Santa.

Parents and families should not have to worry about how their children interact with Santa online. There should be total privacy — no collecting of information, no tracking of site users, and no possible means of identity theft or fraud.

Any online venue using Santa’s name or image should be family friendly, child safe and commercial free.

All of the Santa websites you see listed here meet this criteria.

That is how you know they come from Santa.


These are Santa’s certified websites (so far):
SantaUpdate.com — Updates of Santa and the New from the North Pole
ElfHQ.com — Official Website of the North Pole Post Office
SantaTrackers.net — Tracking Santa…FOR…Santa!
TrackingSanta.net — The Big Map from the North Pole Tracking Department
SantaTracking.org — Official Website of the North Pole Tracking Department
Jingle Kringle.com — Calls to Santa and texts from the North Pole — FREE
Santa’s VoiceMail.org — Leave Santa a message

Santa’s sites display this image:

Really Santa