Hello…and Merry Christmas!

The real Santa Claus gave anonymously.

His interest was in giving. He had nothing to sell.

Many people have tried to change that over the years. But Santa — the REAL Santa — has not forgotten where he comes from. If you’re here looking at this site you have found the real Santa online. Any certified site that links here has nothing to sell in the name of Santa.

No video chats, no bogus letters, no phone calls or other outrageously priced scams in the name of Santa Claus.

The real Santa would never do that.

The Official North Pole websites are put up by Santa and his elves and they support bringing the world totally free first-class North Pole resources online.

FREE. Child-safe. Family friendly. Legally complaint. Totally fun.

The Official North Pole websites are staffed by volunteer professionals — writers, designers, programmers, artists, radio DJs, Santa fans, grown-up children, Christmas nuts, eggnog chuggers, tinsel flingers, and stocking hangers. Elves!

These resources are paid for by donations. Once the bills are all paid, the rest goes to helping families in need every Christmas through a little effort we call Santa’s Sleigh.

We believe in giving — anonymously. Just as Santa of old really did.

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